Delivery Order Hours: Monday to Sunday 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Pick Up: Saturday to Thursday 11:30 am to 10 pm, and Friday 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

- After you submit your order, you will receive

 1) A password-setting email (for first time customer)

 2) An order pending confirmation email and

 3) An order processing confirmation email from us

Delivery Time: 45 - 60min (In busy circumstances, we will update you if there any changes in timing)

Pickup Tim: 15 -25min

- Please call us at (03) 87948081, if you don't get an order processing confirmation email or a call from us due to the traffic of the business or the system may fail caused by an internet problem in rare case. No worry, we will rush your order.


We deliver food to you as soon as we can with our best service.

 We're also making sure with every single dish that the food is hot and fresh. You will be satisfied even until the last bite.


Every Delivery order has minimum of delivery fee of $5 up to 3 km. and above every km will be charged extra $1/km which will be automatically applied  without notice. Further than 7 miles order might be accepted as well can be cancelled. We reserve the right to do so, depending on the volume of the orders and the time of the business in order to service you at our best.


For Re-delivery Order In case of our driver fails delivering food to you due to no one answer our driver's call and/or open the door  to pick up the food in 10 mins, you may come to pick-up the food yourself to avoid additional fee. We do re-delivery on request which will contain again a delivery fee same as above mentioned.($5 Upto 3km and Extra $1/km). The fee will automatically apply to your final receive. You may cancel your order but  reserve the right to charge you 50% of the total order for return/cancel orders. For more detail, please check on Return Policy.


For Catering Order We do free delivery up to 20 miles depending on the volume of the order. For more detail, please contact one of our sale representative or the manager.

Delivery time does vary by distance, preparation time and business during peak hours.


We do try to deliver every order ASAP but estimated delivery time in 5 mile radius is minimum of 45 mintues . More than 5 miles, timings will be vary.

Pick-up time for regular order does vary by preparation time and business during peak hours.


Estimated pick-up time

for 1 - 3 items is between 10 - 15 minutes

for 4 - 6 items is between 10- 20 minutes

for 7 - 9 items is between 15 - 30 minutes